Hi Mark,


As discussed I have written a review of our time on the boat (below), which you may (or not) like to put on your website:_


Fishing trips with Captain Mark Vincent Lee & Danny Jimenez on board Sea Spirit, San Sebastian, La Gomera.


My son & I booked 3 days fishing (25th, 27th & 29th September 2017) with Mark, this being our first visit to La Gomera. We would arrive at the Sea Spirit each morning and Mark would make us a tea or coffee, we would have a quick debrief and then usually a quick banter session (the banter on the boat was top quality) and off we’d go. The first day we fished southern grounds of La Gomera, lots of dolphins and sea life, we had one good fish on for about 15 minutes which then pulled the hook and another strike but no hook up on what we thought was a Yellowfin. The second day we fished in the channel between La Gomera and Tenerife, at 1 o’clock we saw a Marlin approaching the lures on the left side then switched to the right and banged into the right long rod, the white Marlin then almost immediately started tail walking and within 20 minutes we had the fish by the side of the boat which Danny then lovingly let go! We then waited 2 hours with no action then the balloon went up, we got a circa 140lb Yellowfin within 5 metres of the boat which then very annoyingly pulled the hook, 15 minutes later we had an Albacore on which we landed circa 60lb, half an hour later another Albacore and then bang a second hook up while the other lures were being pulled in and 30 minutes later 2 further Albacore on the boat 60-70lb each, and then we came up for air about 5.30pm. Just as we started to head back we had something bang into the shotgun rod but before I could get the rod in the chair it had come off, what a great days fishing!! The third day was strange, little life apparent, very few birds and no dolphins, we tried both the areas we had previously fished and it was the same, you could also see that the commercial boats were hunting most of the day, not catching, we did however see 3 separate pods of Pilot whales during the day which was beautiful. With all this, and both Mark and Danny being very passionate and professional fishermen, interspersed with top quality banter and Danny’s top drawer Bocadillos, made for a trip that Max & I will never forget; if you love big game fishing with quality professionals and quality equipment, then Captain Mark & the Sea Spirit are where you need to be!


Huge Thanks to you, Mark & Danny,


Jerry & Max Lund.